GREEEN Energy Mobile XXS filling station
Flexible, even on the road

With the mobile XXS filling station we ensure the continuous mobility of our customers within the framework of our NOC (Network Operation Center).  On the road, when commissioning newly acquired vehicles and during maintenance of the GREEEN Energy stations.

The filling station is ideally suited for first refuelling, emergency refuelling or for unloading the tank during upcoming workshop visits.

Due to the sophisticated system, the Microfueler can be used flexibly and allows us to supply you with the same quality as at our filling stations even when you are on the road.

  • Flexible & mobile
  • Compact
  • Same quality
  • Controllable temperature / pressure

It is ideal for the following situations:

  • During maintenance of the GREEEN Energy stations
  • For the first refuelling of LNG trucks
  • Emergency Refuelling
  • For unloading the tank before repairs

We are your strategic partner during the entire transformation process

Are you interested in one of our Greeen Energy stations or would you like to learn more?

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With us, you have a reliable partner with a great deal of know-how and expertise at your side who will accompany you in the transformation process from the very beginning - from consulting, commissioning and fuel deliveries to inspections and maintenance.

We are there for you, so that the path to clean and sustainable transport can be successfully trodden!

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