GREEEN Energy XS filling station
The fast and compact solution for your location

Our XS filling station for liquefied natural gases (LNG, Bio-LNG) is ideally suited for the expansion of existing filling stations or for supplying your own fleet of trucks on the company premises due to its compact and modular design.

The modular design allows flexible use, which makes the station also suitable for locations with limited space. The standardized design allows fast installation and commissioning of the station.

An upgrade to format M with a storage capacity of up to 70m³ and 3 dispensers is possible without any conversion measures.

  • Suitable for small locations
  • Fast installation
  • Modular construction
  • For filling stations / company premises
  • Simultaneous delivery of LNG during filling of the station tank
  • Expandable to 70 m3 and 3 dispensers
  • Highest quality technical components
  • 30m³ super vacuum-insulated tank – Optimal protection against heat input
  • Vacuum-insulated pipelines – Optimal protection against heat input
  • Cryogenic pump - High-performance pump for cryogenic liquids
  • Herose valves - Safety and control valves
  • Nitrogen cooling - BOG management
  • Siemens PLC control - For intelligent and precise control of the station
  • Green Scada System – for 24/7 monitoring of the plant
  • 2 dispensers - to ensure the availability of the station if a component develops a fault
  • 2 Emerson LNG flowmeters per dispenser – For measuring the flow rate
  • ITC, individual delivery temperature (inline saturation) – for Iveco & Scania -129°C | Volvo -158°C -Hectronic card reader
  • Monitor – with self-explanatory training video for truck drivers (regardless of the language)

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