Flexible and environmentally friendly LNG deliveries

GREEEN Logistics

Our vision is a sustainable and climate-friendly world. By reducing harmful emissions in the transport sector, we are coming much closer to this goal.

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To ensure that the transition to advanced fuels is as easy as possible for you, we support you throughout the entire value chain.


With the help of our intermodal logistics concept, we enable short-term deliveries of liquefied natural gas (LNG and Bio-LNG) and guarantee a permanent supply.

Intermodal logistics concept

The intermodal logistics concept of the Paneuropa transport company offers the possibility to cover a large part of the transport routes by rail and to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Permanent supply and highest quality

We are on the road for you 24/7 and reliably supply your filling stations, industrial and regasification plants with LNG. We guarantee a reliable and safe supply of cryogenic and high-quality natural gas.

Short-term and tailor-made

Our offers are based on your needs and requirements. Our concept allows us to offer LNG deliveries from 4 to 20 tons, specially tailored to your needs. Short-term deliveries are possible due to the buffer stocks maintained throughout Germany.

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