Renewable and climate friendly


Climate friendly

The renewable and climate-friendly alternative for heavy duty transport

Liquefied biogas is the even more sustainable variant of liquefied natural gas and the climate-friendly alternative to conventional fuels. With its high energy density, Bio-LNG can be used in many different ways and thus contribute to the achievement of climate targets. Heavy goods transport benefits from the clean fuel with its high range. Because more and more customers want clean transport.  And the low-emission fuel is also a real enrichment for shipping, because from 2020, significantly lower limits will apply in both - the North Sea and the Baltic Sea - for sulphur dioxide emissions. We are seeking to expand a nationwide LBG network in order to contribute to climate protection targets in the short term.

A safe fuel

The clear, non-toxic and odourless natural gas is safe and has been tested for many years in use as a fuel. Liquefied Natural Gas is non-corrosive and harmless to our ground water.

The truck manufacturer Volvo provides an illustrative video:

Ideal for

Heavy goods transport


We have recognized the immense potential of Bio-LNG and are actively working to provide this advanced and renewable fuel to our customers as soon as possible. Due to our existing network of filling stations throughout Germany, the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of this fuel already exists. Our partner, the German Energy Agency, is a co-founder of the Bio-LNG initiative, which is committed to establishing liquefied biomethane on the market and introducing many measures to ensure that harmful emissions can be reduced in the short term and climate protection targets can be achieved.

Further information

Dena supports the market establishment of liquefied biomethane (also known as liquefied biogas) in shipping and heavy road transport.

Bio-LNG Initiative

Easy refuelling process

Refuelling an LNG vehicle is about as fast as refuelling a diesel vehicle. Because of the cryogenic temperature of the gas, drivers wear gloves and protective goggles.

Alternoil GmbH: Refuelling process of an LNG vehicle

GREEN Energy stations - Filling stations for renewable fuels

Would you like to expand your existing filling station or supply your fleet with the climate-friendly fuel Bio-LNG at your own company depot? We offer the ideal solution for your needs.


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