REEFUEL Bio-LNG Tankstelle Greding (A9)

The Alternoil REEFUEL LNG filling station in Greding is now in test operation ...

REEFUEL Bio-LNG Filling Station Leipzig
Civil engineering works

Construction work is also in progress at the GVZ in Leipzig, directly on the A14 motorway ...

REEFUEL Bio-LNG filling station Kesselsdorf/Dresden
Civil engineering works begin

Yesterday, the REEFUEL Bio-LNG filling station from Alternoil GmbH was delivered and installed in Kesselsdorf ...

REEFUEL Bio-LNG filling station Handewitt
Now open

Alternoil's REEFUEL Bio-LNG filling station is now open in Handewitt, near Flensburg ...

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The advanced and climate-friendly fuels

REEFUEL - Renewable energy for vehicles

We provide environmentally friendly and renewable fuels for heavy-duty transport throughout the country.

It is already possible to fill up with liquefied natural gas at our filling stations for renewable fuels. This year, we also provide Bio-LNG from biological waste processes, which is certified according to the European standard ISCC.

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Innovative solutions for clean transport

GREEEN Energy Stations

With our Green Energy Stations we significantly contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions for our environment. We provide clean and alternative fuels for heavy-duty transport throughout the country and offer stations in various formats.

Together we will find the ideal solution for your local conditions and needs.

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The advantages of the GREEEN Energy stations

Climate friendly
High quality technology

Cooperation with Alternoil and Bilfinger EMS

Our partners

For the expansion of the filling station network of the self-service filling station operator Alternoil GmbH, we work closely with the company Bilfinger EMS. Together we are pursuing the goal of a nationwide filling station network for advanced and renewable fuels.

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Flexible and environmentally friendly LNG deliveries

GREEEN Logistics

Our vision is a sustainable and climate-friendly world. By reducing harmful emissions in the transport sector, we are getting significantly closer to this goal.

To ensure that the transition to advanced fuels is as easy as possible for you, we support you throughout the entire supplychain process.

With the help of our intermodal logistics concept, we enable short-term deliveries of liquefied natural gas (LNG and Bio-LNG) and guarantee a permanent supply.

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Rent and save money. GREEEN LNG trucks


The toll exemption for liquefied natural gas trucks has been agreed.  Until the end of 2023, LNG will save you 100% tolls. Trucks of various manufacturers and a lot of models are available. Would you like to know more? Just get in touch with us.

Drive clean and cost-efficient - with Greeen LNG Trucks.

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We are always here for you

GREEEN Services

We offer you an all-round service for the transition to alternative fuels. Together with you, we will work out the best possible strategy for your company and focus on economic and sustainable solutions. Our qualified staff will advise and support you with a lot of know-how - for all your questions and needs.

We pursue a comprehensive concept and are by your side - from the very beginning. From financial planning, to the installation of the plants, to repairs and maintenance - we are always here for you.

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Our services and performances

Consulting & financing
Project- & licensing planning
Construction & installation
Inspections & maintenance
24/7 monitoring & support
MID certification
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