Cooperation with Alternoil and Bilfinger EMS

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For the expansion of the filling station network of the self-service filling station operator Alternoil, we work together with Bilfinger EMS. We are pursuing the goal of a nationwide filling station network for advanced and renewable fuels.

Our technology partner Bilfinger EMS supports this with its engineering expertise. Three XL filling stations and 12 XS filling stations for renewable fuels will be opened this year. These filling stations will be operated by Alternoil GmbH.

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Alternoil GmbH

Alternoil was founded in 2006 in Steinfeld and is a pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy goods transport and LNG for large industry. Alternoil is actively working on establishing a nationwide LNG filling station infrastructure and providing renewable fuels.

The self-service filling station operator relies on its wide filling station infrastructure and fuel card acceptance and already offers the liquefied natural gas at its filling stations.Alternoil will provide the renewable fuel Bio-LNG this year. The aim is to create a heavy goods transport system that is largely free of fossil fuels thanks to the latest, ready-to-use technologies.

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Bilfinger EMS GmbH

Bilfinger EMS is a subsidiary of the internationally operating industrial services provider Bilfinger. The company has more than four decades of experience in engineering and plant construction.

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GREEEN Rental GmbH

The company Greeen Rental GmbH is a young company, which has specialized in the rental of vehicles powered by innovative fuels. Trucks from various manufacturers are available on request from Greeen Rental.

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Paneuropa Transport GmbH

Paneuropa Transport GmbH is a specialist with decades of experience and an ecological logistics professional. With the help of the intermodal logistics concept, Paneuropa Transport GmbH covers a large part of the transport routes by rail. Paneuropa is our partner for the reliable supply of our customers with the highest quality of liquefied natural gas.

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